RnB Capital - is a private equity fund that specializes on the projects in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

Funds’ major focus is investments in the sectors with tangible growth and upside potentials. During last five years the fund has invested in several successful projects in power machinery construction and engineering, power utility and mining companies.

RnB Capital in its’ projects is actively partnering with western investors. Such partnership allows to enjoy the maximum return in the investments through providing the knowledge of Russian and CIS markets - by RnB Capital and western management and governance practices by the partner.

RnB Capital investment strategy assumes deep involvement in the company/project management process through participation on the Board of Directors or even having its’ presence on the operation management level.

RnB Capital employees received their education from the noble Russian and western universities and have deep practical knowledge in the industries of the funds’ strategic focus.

Russian and foreign industrial, energy and infrastructure projects

About the Company

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